UDislose - Faculty Disclosure: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. Why did the disclosure process change? 
2. Who needs to disclose his/her outside professional activities (OPAs)?
3. If I did not engage in any outside professional activities (OPAs) do I need to complete the
disclosure process? 
4. Do faculty members still need to complete their Faculty Disclosure Form (FDF) or update the
Disclosure Profile System (DPS)?
5. What happens if outside professional activities (OPAs) are not entered in a timely fashion? 
6. Where are the disclosure data stored and who has access to view the information in the
UDisclose System? 
7. Do voluntary faculty members need to complete the disclosure process? 
8. Are there entities/payors that are excluded from the UM disclosure requirements? 
9. Does UM regard performance of OPAs as somehow improper?
10. What if I have multiple OPAs with the same entity? Do I need to create a separate entry for
each? What if the dates of activity differ, how would that be shown?
11. What if I don’t know the exact amount of compensation or duration of OPA at the time of the
OPA? What do I enter? 
12. I performed an OPA in the reporting period but have not received compensation for it yet. Do I
disclose it now or wait until I am compensated? 
13. Am I required to disclose remuneration received from an outside entity for services performed
(e.g., data analysis) when the payment is made directly to the University? 
14. I have an appointment at the Veterans Affairs Hospital. Is that considered an OPA? 
15. If I have a 9-month faculty appointment at UM, do I need to disclose any OPAs conducted over
the summer months?
16. If I am on sabbatical or on leave from the University, do I need to complete the disclosure
17. Why do I have to disclose unexercised stock options? 
18. I perform research, or receive external funding for a scholarly activity at UM. What do I have to
19. How long do I have to disclose a newly acquired OPA (or FOI)? 
20. When do I need to enter compensation/reimbursement for travel?