Core Facilities & Shared Resources

A number of Core Facilities have been developed at the University of Miami, which are available to researchers and trainees. These Core Facilities allow centralized access to specialized equipment and services, providing cutting-edge technologies, reagents, and special products needed to conduct high-quality, interdisciplinary research in a cost-effective way
Service Center Name Website
Genotyping - Illumina Platform (Infinium)

Genotyping - Affymetrix Platform

Genotyping - Taqman Platform

Sequencing - Genome Analyzer Platform (HiSeqV3 SamplePreps, NoControlLane, Solexa worksheets)
Sequencing - Capture Sequencing

Sequencing - Fragment Analysis (PCR & Sequencing)

Gene Expression

Bioinformatics Core - NGS

Biorepository (DNA Bank)

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core (iPSC) 
Disease Modeling?

DNA Core Lab/Enzyme Freezer Program (aka BMB)

CGMP Facility
Animal Lab Core
Chemistry Research Lab>
Flow Cytometry>
Analytical Imaging

Cell Manufacturing Program (GMP)
Live Tumor Culture Shared Resource (Was Live Tumor Culture (LTCC)

PRR Histology Core Lab 
Comparative Pathology Lab

BioNIUM (Clean Room) 
UM Brain Bank

Oncogenomics Shared Resource

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resources

Behavioral and Communnity Shared Resources (BCSR)­resources/disparities
Cancer Modeling Shared Resource (CMSR) Includes Transgenic & Invivo Imaging

Biospecimen Management Shared Resource (was Tumor Bank)

Biostatistical Core

Ophthalmic Biophysics Center (Was Biophys Machine Shop)

Ophthalmology Hope for Vision Imaging (confocal microscope), (aka Analytic Imaging Facility?)

Mass Spectrometry Core

Imaging Core (Angiosuite)
Walton Smith - Ship Operations


Coastal Modeling

Clinical Translational Research Site (CTRS)
Miami Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)

Miami Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Clinical Science Core
Viral Vector Core
High Content Screening Core at Miami Project
Imaging Services at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (Light Microscopy Imaging); IMAGE I CORE/MICROSCOPE CORE

Center for Computational Sciences

fMRI Recharge Facility - (under Psychology - Dr. Richard Williams)

Zebrafish Facility

Mass Spectrometry
BIL Imaging Service Center
Molecular Core Facility
UMCAM (UM Center for Advanced Microscopy),  (SEM/TEM)
Chemistry Equipment Expenses

Fly Lab
Brachial Data Imaging